My pcik form this year's ACL


If I were supposed to pick seven papers form this year's ACL, then these are my choice (in order they presented in the conference): Learning the Curriculum with Bayesian Optimization for Task-Specific Word Representation Learning by Tsvetkov et al. Pointing the Unknown Words by Gulcehre et al. Word Embeddings as Metric Recovery in Semantic Spaces by Hashimoto et al. (though I could not… [read more →]

A mind map for information extraction methods

I have made an attempt to describe various methods of information extraction. Following is the result (PDF of this post is available from here). Information extraction (IE) proposes a pragmatic approach to text understanding. It is the process of distilling structured data (i.e., factual information) from unstructured or semi-structured text. IE is thus of- ten application-oriented and generates… [read more →]

How to write a lot?! Paul J. Silvia has a solution.

Usually everyone has a list of books that he or she wishes that they had read earlier; 'how to write a lot' by Silvia is one of those books for me. This is a how-to book on the popular subject of how to become a productive academic writer. After years of research and writing in Psychology, Silvia has a simple yet effective system to introduce. Before Silvia introduces his system, he starts with… [read more →]

Boredom! The forgotten pleasure.


Boredom! The forgotten pleasure. Carla brought up the topic of the rarity of 'boredom' in our life, particularly since we each have our own 'tablets'. I really liked the idea, she is right. I have found myself constantly engaged with one or another form of an electronic device, if not the screens at my desk, then certainly my tablet or the iPhone screen. The other night, it crossed our minds… [read more →]

Steven Pinker on women, science, language, and our plans for life...

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This is certainly a good video to start my new blog: one of the most influential scientitst in our time. Pinker is certainly a good story teller: Explained at the house of SpeakEasy, how he started to write popular science books and what comes after that...

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