My pcik form this year's ACL


If I were supposed to pick seven papers form this year's ACL, then these are my choice (in order they presented in the conference):

I must add here that choosing 7 papers from many good works was not that easy---the pace of CL research (and not only research, I mean real quality research) is incredible).

Ah, also I should mention the invited talk at *SEM by Alexander Koller. Enjoyable talk but somehow controversial! The title of the talk was "Top-down and bottom-up views on success in semantics". But, I would rather rephrase it to "distributional semantics vs. formal semantics at the absence of a constructive psychology of success" or maybe "If XOR(success of distributional semantics, success of formal semantics )" (I am trying to be funny, right?!).
In fairness, Alexander had the attention of all the audience for the whole duration of 40-50 minutes. You know what I mean: it was not one of those invited talks that make you yawning! A great start to the last day of a computational-linguistics-packed strenuous week!

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