that greatly reduce the computation needed to compute the <term> N-Best sentence hypotheses
</term> . The formalism 's intended usage is to relate <term> expressions of natural languages
system while gathering information related to a particular scenario . This paper introduces
<term> computational linguists </term> seem to be quite dubious about <term> analogies between
information into its <term> lexicon </term> according to its individual needs . However , some of
language </term> , it has been difficult to detect <term> error characters </term> which
be both efficient and easily adaptable to a variety of applications . The system
important in several respects : as a device to represent and to use different <term> dialog
propose candidate <term> antecedents </term> and to evaluate each other 's proposals . This
</term> . As each new <term> edge </term> is added to the <term> chart </term> , the algorithm checks
</term> is a set of <term> words </term> that tend to co-occur with it . <term> Topic signatures
We describe a novel <term> approach </term> to <term> statistical machine translation </term>
</term> . This paper describes an extension to the <term> MIT ATIS ( Air Travel Information
and the difference could narrow further to 6.5 % if we disregard the advantage that
</term> on both sides of a <term> word </term> to be tagged , and evaluate it in both the
<term> communication </term> . Our goal is to recognize and isolate such <term> miscommunications
<term> maximum likelihood criterion </term> to train a <term> log-linear block bigram model
focusing especially on the changes made to the <term> SUMMIT recognizer </term> . These
generate <term> cooperative responses </term> to each <term> user </term> in <term> spoken dialogue
<term> human listeners </term> are usually able to cope with these deviations with little
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