( QA ) systems </term> are very sensitive to variations in the phrasing of an <term> information
utterance </term> . These mistakes can lead to various kinds of misunderstandings between
laughed is to to laugh , noted I walked : to walk : : I laughed : to laugh ) . But <term>
refuted by noone ( e.g. , I walked is to to walk as I laughed is to to laugh , noted
frequently enough in <term> dialog </term> to warrant serious <term> attention </term> ,
This system provides a promising approach to <term> Web-based computer-assisted academic
performance </term> that is surprisingly close to what can be achieved using conventional
<term> summarization </term> has been shown to work in <term> documents </term> of certain
terms of both simplicity and efficiency — to work on <term> feature selection methods </term>
, even if the <term> grammars </term> allow to write the <term> rules </term> in the simple
approach differs from other approaches to <term> WSI </term> in that it enhances the
the <term> Prolog form </term> is executed to yield the answer . Most large <term> text-understanding
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