other,31-1-H01-1040,bq - can be used to enhance access to <term> text collections </term> via a standard <term> text
tech,36-1-H01-1040,bq text collections </term> via a standard <term> text browser </term> . We describe how this information
tech,38-3-H01-1040,bq increased potential of <term> IE-enhanced text browsers </term> . At MIT Lincoln Laboratory
other,11-7-H01-1042,bq six extracts of <term> translated newswire text </term> . Some of the extracts were <term>
other,20-2-P01-1008,bq translations </term> of the same <term> source text </term> . Our approach yields <term> phrasal
other,31-1-N03-1018,bq progressing from generation of <term> true text </term> through its transformation into the
other,37-3-N03-1018,bq translation lexicons </term> from <term> printed text </term> . We present an application of <term>
other,13-2-N03-2003,bq data </term> can be supplemented with <term> text </term> from the <term> web </term> filtered
other,24-1-N03-4010,bq answering capability </term> on <term> free text </term> . The demonstration will focus on
lr,19-2-N03-4010,bq answer candidates </term> from the given <term> text corpus </term> . The operation of the <term>
lr,1-3-P03-1050,bq training resources </term> . No <term> parallel text </term> is needed after the <term> training
lr,0-4-P03-1050,bq phase </term> . <term> Monolingual , unannotated text </term> can be used to further improve the
lr,26-6-P03-1050,bq affix lists </term> , and <term> human annotated text </term> , in addition to an <term> unsupervised
other,16-7-P03-1050,bq average precision </term> over <term> unstemmed text </term> , and 96 % of the performance of
tech,3-1-C04-1116,bq smaller and more robust . We present a <term> text mining method </term> for finding <term> synonymous
aggregation system </term> using each author 's text as a coherent <term> corpus </term> . Our approach
tech,26-3-P04-2005,bq Sense Disambiguation ( WSD ) </term> and <term> Text Summarisation </term> . Our method takes
other,26-4-P04-2005,bq exploits the large amount of <term> Chinese text </term> available in <term> corpora </term> and
lr,11-4-P04-2010,bq <term> pronouns </term> in <term> unannotated text </term> by using a fully automatic sequence
tech,24-5-P04-2010,bq open-domain question answering </term> and <term> text summarisation </term> . In this paper , we
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