tech,1-4-H01-1001,bq . Traditional <term> information retrieval techniques </term> use a <term> histogram </term> of <term>
tech,12-1-H01-1042,bq efficacy of applying <term> automated evaluation techniques </term> , originally devised for the <term>
tech,4-2-H01-1042,bq </term> . We believe that these <term> evaluation techniques </term> will provide information about both
tech,28-4-H01-1055,bq overcome by employing <term> machine learning techniques </term> . In this paper , we address the
tech,7-4-P01-1007,bq In this paper , we study a <term> parsing technique </term> whose purpose is to improve the practical
tech,0-1-P01-1056,bq </term> of the <term> logical form </term> . <term> Techniques for automatically training </term> modules
tech,17-2-N03-1004,bq </term> and the other adopting <term> statistical techniques </term> . We present our <term> multi-level
tech,5-1-N03-1026,bq ambiguity packing and stochastic disambiguation techniques </term> for <term> Lexical-Functional Grammars
tech,4-1-N03-2015,bq . We describe a simple <term> unsupervised technique </term> for learning <term> morphology </term>
performance </term> to more complex mixtures of techniques . We present a <term> syntax-based constraint
introduce a number of new performance enhancing techniques including <term> part of speech tagging </term>
tech,4-1-P03-2036,bq empirical comparison of <term> CFG filtering techniques </term> for <term> LTAG </term> and <term> HPSG
tech,0-1-N04-4028,bq three aspects . <term> Information extraction techniques </term> automatically create <term> structured
Markov model </term> . We implement several techniques to estimate the <term> confidence </term> of
tech,4-4-H05-1012,bq improvement over traditional <term> word alignment techniques </term> is shown as well as improvement on
</term> . Basic methodology and practical techniques are reported in detail . The resultant <term>
measure(ment),4-4-I05-5003,bq Our results show that <term> MT evaluation techniques </term> are able to produce useful <term> features
tech,1-5-I05-5003,bq extent <term> entailment </term> . Our <term> technique </term> gives a substantial improvement in
tech,1-3-P05-1074,bq <term> resource </term> . Using <term> alignment techniques </term> from <term> phrase-based statistical
tech,8-3-N06-2009,bq adopting a simple <term> MT-based paraphrasing technique </term> and evaluating <term> QA system </term>
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