</term> is a set of inter-related but distinct tasks , one of which is <term> sentence scoping
human judges </term> . We reconceptualize the task into two distinct phases . First , a very
</term> . We apply our <term> system </term> to the task of <term> scoring </term> alternative <term>
other,29-2-N03-1018,bq order to make it more useful for <term> NLP tasks </term> . We present an implementation of
tech,27-2-N03-2003,bq topic </term> of the target <term> recognition task </term> , but also that it is possible to
time finding more data relevant to their task , and gives them translingual reach into
tech,9-3-P03-1005,bq classification </term> and <term> sentence alignment tasks </term> to evaluate its performance as a <term>
tech,11-1-P03-1030,bq for the <term> Topic Detection and Tracking tasks </term> of <term> new event detection </term>
tech,13-2-P03-1030,bq detection </term> as <term> information retrieval task </term> and hypothesize on the impact of <term>
other,29-2-P03-1058,bq the <term> SENSEVAL-2 English lexical sample task </term> . Our investigation reveals that
other,15-2-P03-1070,bq in the context of a <term> direction-giving task </term> . The distribution of <term> nonverbal
has a significant positive effect on both tasks . We present a new <term> HMM tagger </term>
an <term> email conversation </term> for the task of <term> email summarization </term> . We
other,10-4-N04-1022,bq on a <term> Chinese-to-English translation task </term> . Our results show that <term> MBR
other,26-4-N04-4028,bq performed well on <term> information extraction tasks </term> because of its ability to capture
topic signatures </term> on a <term> WSD </term> task , where we trained a <term> second-order
other,37-1-I05-2021,bq the <term> Senseval-3 Chinese lexical sample task </term> . Much effort has been put in designing
larger volume from the <term> Web </term> . The task of <term> machine translation ( MT ) evaluation
evaluation </term> is closely related to the task of <term> sentence-level semantic equivalence
Annotating <term> honorifics </term> is a complex task that involves identifying a <term> predicate
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