tech,18-1-H01-1017,bq beyond current capabilities in <term> dialogue systems </term> , the <term> DARPA Communicator program
tech,38-1-H01-1017,bq message-passing infrastructure </term> for <term> dialogue systems </term> which all <term> Communicator </term>
tech,10-1-H01-1040,bq from <term> information extraction ( IE ) systems </term> - <term> named entity annotations </term>
tech,9-2-H01-1040,bq information is used in a <term> prototype system </term> designed to support <term> information
tech,13-3-H01-1040,bq qualitative user evaluation </term> of the <term> system </term> , which while broadly positive indicates
tech,10-1-H01-1041,bq <term> Korean-to-English machine translation system </term><term> CCLINC ( Common Coalition Language
tool,1-2-H01-1041,bq <term> CCLINC Korean-to-English translation system </term> consists of two <term> core modules
tech,5-3-H01-1041,bq frame </term> . The key features of the <term> system </term> include : ( i ) Robust efficient <term>
tech,3-5-H01-1041,bq target language </term> . ( iii ) <term> Rapid system development </term> and porting to new <term>
tech,15-6-H01-1041,bq chemical biological warfare , the <term> system </term> produces the <term> translation output
tech,30-1-H01-1042,bq </term> of <term> machine translation ( MT ) systems </term> . We believe that these <term> evaluation
tech,24-2-H01-1042,bq development </term> of <term> machine translation systems </term> . This , the first experiment in
tech,3-2-H01-1049,bq integrate a <term> spoken language understanding system </term> with <term> intelligent mobile agents
personnel can converse with their logistics system to place a supply or information request
tech,5-6-H01-1049,bq Requestors </term> can also instruct the <term> system </term> to notify them when the status of
tech,14-1-H01-1055,bq the goal of naturally sounding <term> dialog systems </term> within reach . However , the improved
tech,15-2-H01-1055,bq to light a new problem : as <term> dialog systems </term> understand more of what the <term>
other,3-3-H01-1055,bq the <term> user </term> . The issue of <term> system response </term> to <term> users </term> has
tech,24-3-H01-1055,bq though rarely in the context of <term> dialog systems </term> . We show how research in <term> generation
tech,10-4-H01-1055,bq generation </term> can be adapted to <term> dialog systems </term> , and how the high cost of hand-crafting
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