other,14-1-P01-1070,bq experiments centering on the construction of <term> statistical models </term> of <term> WH-questions </term>
tech,17-2-N03-1004,bq mechanisms </term> and the other adopting <term> statistical techniques </term> . We present our <term>
tech,11-1-N03-2036,bq phrase-based unigram model </term> for <term> statistical machine translation </term> that uses a much
tech,13-2-N03-3010,bq Finite State Model ( FSM ) </term> and <term> Statistical Learning Model ( SLM ) </term> . <term> FSM
tech,0-4-N03-3010,bq little robustness and flexibility . <term> Statistical approach </term> is much more robust but
other,11-5-P03-1031,bq this <term> ambiguity </term> based on <term> statistical information </term> obtained from <term> dialogue
tech,6-2-P03-1050,bq <term> stemming model </term> is based on <term> statistical machine translation </term> and it uses an
tech,20-1-C04-1112,bq for <term> Dutch </term> which combines <term> statistical classification ( maximum entropy ) </term>
tech,9-1-N04-1022,bq Bayes-Risk ( MBR ) decoding </term> for <term> statistical machine translation </term> . This statistical
statistical machine translation </term> . This statistical approach aims to minimize <term> expected
tech,11-5-N04-1022,bq decoding </term> can be used to tune <term> statistical MT </term> performance for specific <term>
tech,4-1-H05-1095,bq This paper presents a <term> phrase-based statistical machine translation method </term> , based
tech,1-3-H05-1095,bq word-aligned corpora </term> is proposed . A <term> statistical translation model </term> is also presented
tech,31-4-I05-2014,bq texts </term> with , for instance , <term> statistical MT systems </term> which usually segment
tech,13-3-I05-2021,bq improvements in the <term> BLEU scores </term> of <term> statistical machine translation ( SMT ) </term> suggests
tech,0-1-I05-2048,bq made by the <term> WSD models </term> . <term> Statistical machine translation ( SMT ) </term> is currently
other,9-4-I05-2048,bq intended to give an introduction to <term> statistical machine translation </term> with a focus
tech,3-8-I05-2048,bq into practice . <term> STTK </term> , a <term> statistical machine translation tool kit </term> , will
tech,18-4-J05-4003,bq performance of a state-of-the-art <term> statistical machine translation system </term> . We also
tech,10-1-P05-1032,bq data structure </term> for <term> phrase-based statistical machine translation </term> which allows
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