detect those automatically which is shown on a large <term> database </term> of <term> TV
distribution of speakers </term> might be available on the <term> surface </term> and could be used
indicates further work needs to be done on the <term> interface </term> to make <term> users
of grammars </term> . Having been trained on <term> Korean newspaper articles </term> on
on <term> Korean newspaper articles </term> on missiles and chemical biological warfare
. Even more illuminating was the factors on which the <term> assessors </term> made their
automatically training <term> SPoT </term> on the basis of <term> feedback </term> provided
sentence plan </term> whose <term> rating </term> on average is only 5 % worse than the <term>
</term> and <term> segment contiguity </term> on the <term> retrieval performance </term> of
evaluation </term> of this <term> method </term> on a <term> wide coverage English grammar </term>
language search engines </term> perform poorly on <term> queries </term> containing them . I
</term> from <term> structured data </term> ( based on a <term> typing-algorithm </term> and <term>
machine learning </term> experiments centering on the construction of <term> statistical models
's informational goals </term> . We report on different aspects of the <term> predictive
<term> training and testing factors </term> on <term> predictive performance </term> , and
</term> of the <term> method </term> is evaluated on three different <term> spoken language system
question answering </term> which is based on combining the results from different <term>
for scoring sets of <term> concepts </term> on the basis of an <term> ontology </term> . We
models </term> does not have a strong impact on performance . Learning only <term> syntactically
<term> error correction </term> , with a focus on <term> post-processing </term> the <term> output
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