tech,30-1-H01-1042,bq output </term> of <term> machine translation ( MT ) systems </term> . We believe that these
other,16-3-H01-1042,bq the <term> intelligibility </term> of <term> MT output </term> . A <term> language learning
tech,22-3-N04-1022,bq word-to-word alignments </term> from an <term> MT system </term> , and <term> syntactic structure
tech,11-5-N04-1022,bq </term> can be used to tune <term> statistical MT </term> performance for specific <term> loss
tech,4-1-I05-2014,bq metrics </term> for <term> Machine Translation ( MT ) systems </term> , such as <term> BLEU </term>
tech,31-4-I05-2014,bq </term> with , for instance , <term> statistical MT systems </term> which usually segment their
other,5-4-I05-4010,bq particularly valuable to <term> empirical MT research </term> . This piece of work has
measure(ment),3-1-I05-5003,bq . The task of <term> machine translation ( MT ) evaluation </term> is closely related to
measure(ment),8-2-I05-5003,bq investigates the utility of applying standard <term> MT evaluation methods ( BLEU , NIST , WER
measure(ment),4-4-I05-5003,bq sentence </term> . Our results show that <term> MT evaluation techniques </term> are able to
tech,6-5-J05-4003,bq . We also show that a good-quality <term> MT system </term> can be built from scratch
tool,15-3-P05-1048,bq </term> for a typical <term> IBM statistical MT system </term> , we find that <term> word sense
other,16-4-P05-1048,bq limitations of current <term> statistical MT architectures </term> . <term> Syntax-based
tech,0-1-P05-1067,bq Syntax-based statistical machine translation ( MT ) </term> aims at applying <term> statistical
tech,6-7-P05-1067,bq evaluate the <term> outputs </term> of our <term> MT system </term> using the <term> NIST and Bleu
measure(ment),10-7-P05-1067,bq </term> using the <term> NIST and Bleu automatic MT evaluation software </term> . The result
tech,10-2-P05-3025,bq syntax-based statistical machine translation ( MT ) </term> , to understand the <term> model </term>
tech,33-2-P05-3025,bq weaknesses , and to compare it to other <term> MT systems </term> . Using this <term> visualization
tech,16-3-P05-3025,bq conceptual and practical problems in an <term> MT system </term> . In our demonstration at <term>
tech,5-5-C88-1007,bq After introducing this approach to <term> MT system </term> design , and the basics of
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