tech,4-2-H01-1058,bq . We find that simple <term> interpolation methods </term> , like <term> log-linear and linear
performance </term> further . We suggest a method that mimics the behavior of the <term> oracle
</term> or a <term> decision tree </term> . The method amounts to tagging <term> LMs </term> with <term>
tech,6-2-P01-1004,bq segment order-sensitive string comparison methods </term> , and run each over both <term> character
tech,7-4-P01-1004,bq <term> configuration </term> , <term> bag-of-words methods </term> are shown to be equivalent to <term>
tech,15-4-P01-1004,bq equivalent to <term> segment order-sensitive methods </term> in terms of <term> retrieval accuracy
tech,8-6-P01-1007,bq </term><term> evaluation </term> of this <term> method </term> on a <term> wide coverage English grammar
current systems use manual or semi-automatic methods to collect <term> paraphrases </term> . We
target variables . This paper describes a method for <term> utterance classification </term>
</term> of <term> training data </term> . The method combines <term> domain independent acoustic
<term> manual transcription </term> . In our method , <term> unsupervised training </term> is first
tech,5-4-N03-1001,bq classification accuracy </term> of the <term> method </term> is evaluated on three different <term>
tech,5-1-N03-1004,bq Motivated by the success of <term> ensemble methods </term> in <term> machine learning </term> and
tech,8-3-N03-1026,bq the use of standard <term> parser evaluation methods </term> for automatically evaluating the <term>
<term> HDAGs </term> . We applied the proposed method to <term> question classification </term> and
other,17-4-P03-1005,bq kernel functions </term> and <term> baseline methods </term> . Previous research has demonstrated
</term> and <term> nearest neighbour </term> methods . In contrast to previous work , we particularly
</term> can be improved . This paper proposes a method for resolving this <term> ambiguity </term>
dialogue corpora </term> . Unlike conventional methods that use <term> hand-crafted rules </term>
tech,10-6-P03-1031,bq hand-crafted rules </term> , the proposed <term> method </term> enables easy design of the <term> discourse
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