<term> systems </term> . In this paper , we introduce a <term> generative probabilistic optical
predicate-argument structures </term> . We also introduce a new way of automatically identifying <term>
</term> . Motivated by these arguments , we introduce a number of new performance enhancing techniques
</term> per <term> ambiguous wordform </term> , we introduce a <term> lemma-based approach </term> . The
machine translation tool kit </term> , will be introduced and used to build a working <term> translation
</term> and <term> entailment </term> . We also introduce a novel <term> classification method </term>
these <term> features </term> into account . We introduce a new <term> method </term> for the <term> reranking
score </term> of 88.2 % . The article also introduces a new <term> algorithm </term> for the <term>
on <term> dependency trees </term> . We first introduce our <term> approach </term> to inducing such
stochastic tree-to-tree transducer </term> . We introduce a <term> polynomial time decoding algorithm
unsupervised word sense induction ( WSI ) </term> is introduced . It represents an instantiation of the
evaluate their relative performances . We also introduce a new strategy , called <term> Begin/After
competitive to the best other strategies . We introduce a new <term> interactive corpus exploration
related to a particular scenario . This paper introduces a method for <term> computational analysis
</term> in <term> machine translation </term> is introduced and discussed from the empirical viewpoint
<term> textual representation </term> . After introducing this approach to <term> MT system </term> design
usually in a rightward manner . We shall introduce the concept of a <term> chart </term> that
were found , <term> heuristics </term> can be introduced that predict the nature of the missing <term>
is not geared to <term> learning </term> . We introduced a new <term> linguistic representation </term>
systems </term> are assessed . This article introduces a <term> bidirectional grammar generation
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