measure(ment),8-3-H01-1040,bq of a preliminary , <term> qualitative user evaluation </term> of the <term> system </term> , which
tech,12-1-H01-1042,bq the efficacy of applying <term> automated evaluation techniques </term> , originally devised for
tech,20-1-H01-1042,bq </term> , originally devised for the <term> evaluation </term> of <term> human language learners </term>
tech,4-2-H01-1042,bq systems </term> . We believe that these <term> evaluation techniques </term> will provide information
tech,6-1-H01-1068,bq describe a three-tiered approach for <term> evaluation </term> of <term> spoken dialogue systems </term>
measure(ment),5-6-P01-1007,bq The results of a practical </term><term> evaluation </term> of this <term> method </term> on a <term>
speech recognition hypotheses </term> . An evaluation of our <term> system </term> against the <term>
and word error rate </term> , and provide evaluation results involving <term> automatic extraction
tech,8-3-N03-1026,bq propose the use of standard <term> parser evaluation methods </term> for automatically evaluating
tech,1-4-N03-1026,bq condensation systems </term> . An <term> experimental evaluation </term> of <term> summarization </term> quality
tech,12-4-N03-1026,bq correlation between the <term> automatic parse-based evaluation </term> and a <term> manual evaluation </term>
other,17-4-N03-1026,bq parse-based evaluation </term> and a <term> manual evaluation </term> of generated <term> strings </term> .
measure(ment),2-3-N03-2006,bq an <term> EBMT system </term> . The two <term> evaluation measures </term> of the <term> BLEU score </term>
tech,2-4-P03-1009,bq <term> polysemic verbs </term> . A novel <term> evaluation scheme </term> is proposed which accounts
developed at our laboratory . Experimental evaluation shows that the <term> cooperative responses
tech,0-7-P03-1050,bq unsupervised component </term> . <term> Task-based evaluation </term> using <term> Arabic information retrieval
features </term> . We suggest a new goal and evaluation criterion for <term> word similarity measures
simple <term> information retrieval </term> . Our evaluation shows that our <term> filtering mechanism
algorithm </term> based on the results . The evaluation using another 23 subjects showed that the
established by <term> EuroWordNet </term> . The evaluation of the <term> WSD system </term> , implementing
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