other,10-5-H01-1041,bq development </term> and porting to new <term> domains </term> via <term> knowledge-based automated
other,21-7-H01-1049,bq of this <term> technology </term> in <term> new domains </term> . Recent advances in <term> Automatic
model,3-2-N03-1001,bq training data </term> . The method combines <term> domain independent acoustic models </term> with
other,18-3-N03-1001,bq n-gram model </term> for a particular <term> domain </term> ; the <term> output </term> of <term> recognition
other,11-4-N03-1001,bq three different <term> spoken language system domains </term> . Motivated by the success of <term>
Lexical-Functional Grammars ( LFG ) </term> to the domain of <term> sentence condensation </term> . Our
other,21-3-P03-1033,bq knowledge level </term> on the <term> target domain </term> and the degree of <term> hastiness </term>
other,20-4-P03-1050,bq allowing it to adapt to a desired <term> domain </term> or <term> genre </term> . Examples and
other,10-5-P03-1058,bq highlights the importance of the issue of <term> domain dependence </term> in evaluating <term> WSD
other,13-3-C04-1035,bq <term> clauses </term> to create a set of <term> domain independent features </term> to annotate
system performs well within a limited textual domain , further research is needed to make it
other,14-3-I05-2048,bq new <term> language pairs </term> or new <term> domains </term> . This workshop is intended to give
</term> covering the specific and special domain of HK laws . It is particularly valuable
behavioral patterns </term> in two distinct domains : <term> tutorial dialogue </term> ( Kumar
understands <term> scruffy texts </term> in the domain of Navy messages . This abstract describes
other,13-2-P84-1047,bq <term> surface representation </term> of <term> domain entities </term> are grouped together . Like
other,9-3-P84-1047,bq allows easy exploitation of <term> limited domain semantics </term> . In addition , it facilitates
<term> participants </term> ' knowledge of the domain . The goal of this work is the enrichment
normal form </term> . This paper describes a domain independent strategy for the <term> multimedia
other,8-2-C88-2162,bq methodology </term> applicable in <term> general domains </term> does not readily lend itself in the
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