other,8-1-H01-1017,bq in robust , <term> mixed-initiative speech dialogue interactions </term> which reach beyond current
tech,18-1-H01-1017,bq reach beyond current capabilities in <term> dialogue systems </term> , the <term> DARPA Communicator
tech,38-1-H01-1017,bq message-passing infrastructure </term> for <term> dialogue systems </term> which all <term> Communicator
tech,8-1-H01-1068,bq for <term> evaluation </term> of <term> spoken dialogue systems </term> . The three tiers measure
tech,12-2-P01-1056,bq sentence planner </term> for a <term> spoken dialogue system </term> by eliciting <term> subjective
tech,16-1-N03-3010,bq language understanding </term> in a <term> dialogue system </term> . We build this based on both
other,11-1-P03-1022,bq <term> pronoun resolution </term> in <term> spoken dialogue </term> . Our <term> system </term> deals with
other,11-3-P03-1022,bq <term> pronoun resolution </term> in <term> spoken dialogue </term> and determine the most promising <term>
other,6-4-P03-1022,bq <term> system </term> on twenty <term> Switchboard dialogues </term> and show that it compares well to
tech,8-1-P03-1031,bq understanding process </term> in <term> spoken dialogue systems </term> . This process enables the
other,15-2-P03-1031,bq based on the <term> context </term> of a <term> dialogue </term> . Since multiple <term> candidates </term>
other,13-4-P03-1031,bq resolving the <term> ambiguity </term> as the <term> dialogue </term> progresses , the <term> discourse understanding
lr,15-5-P03-1031,bq statistical information </term> obtained from <term> dialogue corpora </term> . Unlike conventional methods
tech,15-1-P03-1033,bq </term> to each <term> user </term> in <term> spoken dialogue systems </term> . Unlike previous studies
lr,13-4-P03-1033,bq decision tree learning </term> using real <term> dialogue data </term> collected by the <term> system
other,0-6-P03-1033,bq accuracy </term> for all dimensions . <term> Dialogue strategies </term> based on the <term> user
other,21-7-P03-1033,bq users </term> without increasing the <term> dialogue duration </term> for <term> skilled users </term>
other,11-3-P03-1070,bq </term> differed depending on the type of <term> dialogue move </term> being grounded , and the overall
other,18-4-P03-1070,bq nonverbal grounding acts </term> to update <term> dialogue state </term> . An empirical comparison of
other,12-1-C04-1035,bq <term> sluice disambiguation </term> in <term> dialogue </term> . We extract a set of <term> heuristic
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