and/or evaluated : Similar to activities one can define subsets of larger <term> database </term>
effectiveness of these <term> indices </term> can be obtained . To support engaging human
</term> and <term> scenario templates </term> - can be used to enhance access to <term> text
</term> showed that <term> assessors </term> can differentiate <term> native from non-native
<term> LCS-Marine </term> , tactical personnel can converse with their logistics system to
<term> database </term> . <term> Requestors </term> can also instruct the <term> system </term> to
show how research in <term> generation </term> can be adapted to <term> dialog systems </term>
knowledge-based generation systems </term> can be overcome by employing <term> machine learning
range concatenation languages [ RCL ] </term> can be parsed in <term> polynomial time </term>
classical <term> grammatical formalisms </term> can be translated into equivalent <term> RCGs
, any <term> tree adjoining grammar </term> can be parsed in <term> O ( n6 ) time </term> .
performance </term> of a <term> search engine </term> can be improved dramatically by incorporating
connection to <term> Montague semantics </term> which can be viewed as a <term> formal computation </term>
produced with <term> trainable components </term> can compete with <term> hand-crafted template-based
</term> that is surprisingly close to what can be achieved using conventional <term> word-trigram
showed that <term> human annotators </term> can reliably differentiate between semantically
suggest that the highest levels of performance can be obtained through relatively simple means
, we show how <term> training data </term> can be supplemented with <term> text </term> from
algorithms </term> . The results show that it can provide a significant improvement in <term>
all the three strategies together and thus can suppress all the shortcomings of different
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