intelligent mobile agents </term> that mediate between <term> users </term> and <term> information sources
annotators </term> can reliably differentiate between semantically coherent and incoherent <term>
</term> quality shows a close correlation between the <term> automatic parse-based evaluation
Those <term> hubs </term> mark the boundary between <term> root </term> and <term> suffix </term> ,
</term> , the <term> accuracy </term> difference between the two approaches is only 14.0 % , and
objects </term> and <term> binary relations </term> between <term> objects </term> . However , such an
direct orthographical mapping ( DOM ) </term> between two different <term> languages </term> is presented
other,3-1-C04-1106,bq significantly . The reality of <term> analogies between words </term> is refuted by noone ( e.g.
other,9-2-C04-1106,bq to be quite dubious about <term> analogies between sentences </term> : they would not be enough
the <term> co-occurrence distribution </term> between pairs of <term> terms </term> , an <term> independence
</term> to compute <term> similarity </term> between <term> words </term> or use <term> lexical affinity
<term> essay question </term> and relatedness between <term> discourse elements </term> . <term> Intra-sentential
. This study establishes the equivalence between the standard use of <term> BLEU </term> in <term>
demonstrate an additional increase of correlation between <term> automatic evaluation measures </term>
research context to uncover relationships between <term> language </term> and <term> behavioral
</term> to disambiguate various relations between <term> name entities </term> by use of various
examines what kind of <term> similarity </term> between <term> words </term> can be represented by
<term> arc </term> or a <term> path of arcs </term> between two given <term> nodes </term> to be inferred
existence of another specified <term> path </term> between the same two <term> nodes </term> . <term> Path-based
roles . Some examples of the difference between <term> Japanese sentence structure </term>
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