measure(ment),7-3-H01-1070,bq algorithm </term> reported more than 99 % <term> accuracy </term> in both <term> language identification
measure(ment),16-3-P01-1004,bq bigrams </term> produces a <term> retrieval accuracy </term> superior to any of the tested <term>
measure(ment),21-4-P01-1004,bq methods </term> in terms of <term> retrieval accuracy </term> , but much faster . We also provide
measure(ment),1-4-N03-1001,bq classifier </term> . The <term> classification accuracy </term> of the <term> method </term> is evaluated
measure(ment),12-2-N03-1033,bq <term> tagger </term> gives a 97.24 % <term> accuracy </term> on the <term> Penn Treebank WSJ </term>
language understanding </term> and have a high accuracy but little robustness and flexibility .
measure(ment),17-4-P03-1031,bq progresses , the <term> discourse understanding accuracy </term> can be improved . This paper proposes
measure(ment),3-5-P03-1033,bq obtained reasonable <term> classification accuracy </term> for all dimensions . <term> Dialogue
measure(ment),4-5-P03-1051,bq improve the <term> segmentation </term><term> accuracy </term> , we use an <term> unsupervised algorithm
measure(ment),10-6-P03-1051,bq </term> achieves around 97 % <term> exact match accuracy </term> on a <term> test corpus </term> containing
measure(ment),11-4-P03-1058,bq <term> SENSEVAL-2 nouns </term> , the <term> accuracy </term> difference between the two approaches
measure(ment),10-3-C04-1080,bq <term> lexicon </term> greatly impacts the <term> accuracy </term> that can be achieved by the <term>
measure(ment),28-3-C04-1080,bq <term> HMM training </term> that improves <term> accuracy </term> when training of <term> lexical probabilities
measure(ment),19-5-C04-1103,bq but also improves the <term> transliteration accuracy </term> significantly . The reality of <term>
measure(ment),17-4-C04-1112,bq achieve a significant increase in <term> accuracy </term> over the <term> wordform model </term>
measure(ment),9-2-C04-1116,bq proposes a new methodology to improve the <term> accuracy </term> of a <term> term aggregation system
measure(ment),5-5-C04-1116,bq . Our proposed method improves the <term> accuracy </term> of our <term> term aggregation system
measure(ment),7-2-N04-4028,bq Despite the successes of these systems , <term> accuracy </term> will always be imperfect . For many
measure(ment),23-3-H05-1095,bq on the maximization of <term> translation accuracy </term> , as measured with the <term> NIST
measure(ment),5-4-I05-2021,bq Surprisingly however , the <term> WSD </term><term> accuracy </term> of <term> SMT models </term> has never
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