planning , informing , story-telling , etc . This paper addresses the problem of the <term>
Communicator </term> participants are using . In this presentation , we describe the features
infrastructure </term> for this purpose . In this paper we show how two standard outputs
original document </term> . The purpose of this research is to test the efficacy of applying
built and will demonstrate an application of this approach called <term> LCS-Marine </term> .
<term> machine learning techniques </term> . In this paper , we address the problem of combining
performance </term> . We describe our use of this approach in numerous fielded <term> user
</term> conducted with the U.S. military . This paper proposes a practical approach employing
into one or more <term> sentences </term> . In this paper , we present <term> SPoT </term> , a <term>
top human-ranked sentence plan </term> . In this paper , we compare the relative effects
parsed in <term> O ( n6 ) time </term> . In this paper , we study a <term> parsing technique
well as <term> syntactic paraphrases </term> . This paper presents a <term> formal analysis </term>
template-based or rule-based approaches </term> . In this paper We experimentally evaluate a <term>
relationships among the target variables . This paper describes a method for <term> utterance
<term> average precision metric </term> . In this paper we present <term> ONTOSCORE </term> ,
performance of our <term> systems </term> . In this paper , we introduce a <term> generative
conversational speech </term> are limited . In this paper , we show how <term> training data </term>
sentence </term> . We evaluate the utility of this <term> constraint </term> in two different <term>
successive learners </term> is presented . This approach only requires a few <term> common
performance for some <term> NE types </term> . In this paper , we describe a <term> phrase-based
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