tech,39-12-J05-1003,bq <term> speech recognition </term> , <term> machine translation </term> , or <term> natural language generation
other,5-8-H01-1042,bq Some of the extracts were <term> expert human translations </term> , others were <term> machine translation
tech,11-2-C92-2115,bq case-based reasoning </term> in <term> machine translation </term> , that is , to make decisions on
tech,1-3-P84-1034,bq important roles . For <term> Japanese-English translation </term> , the <term> semantics directed approach
tech,1-2-P84-1034,bq viewpoint . For <term> English-Japanese machine translation </term> , the <term> syntax directed approach
tech,4-3-P05-1074,bq from <term> phrase-based statistical machine translation </term> , we show how <term> paraphrases </term>
other,24-9-H01-1042,bq human translation </term> or a <term> machine translation </term> . Additionally , they were asked
other,14-9-A94-1017,bq vital requirements of <term> spoken language translation </term> . <term> Japanese texts </term> frequently
other,12-1-A94-1017,bq </term> for <term> real-time spoken language translation </term> . <term> Spoken language translation
other,39-3-N03-1017,bq <term> lexical weighting </term> of <term> phrase translations </term> . Surprisingly , learning <term> phrases
other,20-1-H05-1101,bq adopted in the literature on <term> machine translation </term> . These <term> models </term> can be
other,21-1-P05-1034,bq </term> with recent advances in <term> phrasal translation </term> . This <term> method </term> requires
tech,9-1-N04-1022,bq decoding </term> for <term> statistical machine translation </term> . This statistical approach aims
tech,30-1-H01-1042,bq to the <term> output </term> of <term> machine translation ( MT ) systems </term> . We believe that
tech,4-1-I05-2014,bq evaluation metrics </term> for <term> Machine Translation ( MT ) systems </term> , such as <term> BLEU
measure(ment),3-1-I05-5003,bq <term> Web </term> . The task of <term> machine translation ( MT ) evaluation </term> is closely related
tech,0-1-P05-1067,bq </term> . <term> Syntax-based statistical machine translation ( MT ) </term> aims at applying <term> statistical
tech,10-2-P05-3025,bq of <term> syntax-based statistical machine translation ( MT ) </term> , to understand the <term> model
tech,4-1-C92-2115,bq <term> transfer phase </term> in <term> machine translation ( MT ) systems </term> has been considered
tech,15-2-A94-1007,bq most difficult problems for <term> machine translation ( MT ) systems </term> . The problem is selecting
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