being discussed and/or evaluated : Similar to activities one can define subsets of larger
in a <term> prototype system </term> designed to support <term> information workers </term>
<term> information workers </term> ' access to a <term> pharmaceutical news archive </term>
to be done on the <term> interface </term> to make <term> users </term> aware of the increased
Rapid system development </term> and porting to new <term> domains </term> via <term> knowledge-based
</term> . The purpose of this research is to test the efficacy of applying <term> automated
</term> made their decisions . We tested this to see if similar criteria could be elicited
</term> . Subjects were given a set of up to six extracts of <term> translated newswire
information request . The request is passed to a <term> mobile , intelligent agent </term>
<term> speech recognition </term> has brought to light a new problem : as <term> dialog systems
the <term> user </term> tells them , they need to be more sophisticated at responding to
need to be more sophisticated at responding to the <term> user </term> . The issue of <term>
in <term> generation </term> can be adapted to <term> dialog systems </term> , and how the
dynamic language model combination </term> to improve the <term> performance </term> further
decision tree </term> . The method amounts to tagging <term> LMs </term> with <term> confidence
best <term> hypothesis </term> corresponding to the <term> LM </term> with the best <term> confidence
speech acts </term> and the decision of how to combine them into one or more <term> sentences
show that the trained <term> SPR </term> learns to select a <term> sentence plan </term> whose
<term> bag-of-words methods </term> are shown to be equivalent to <term> segment order-sensitive
parsing technique </term> whose purpose is to improve the practical efficiency of <term>
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