They have begun sending letters explaining the program , which began Oct. 18 and will end Dec. 18 , to about five million card holders . edition /R-4^n/EFF-arg/nmod:with </s> <s> begin /83/Activity_start/RootInDisc they /R-46^n/ERR/nsubj begin /83/Process_start/RootInDisc
The reluctance of traders to buy contracts indicates that they have begun focusing on demand rather than supply . /R-46^n/ACT-arg/nsubj summer /R-41^n/ERR/nmod:tmod </s> <s> begin /83/Activity_start/RootInDisc they /R-46^n/ACT-arg/nsubj </s><s> begin /83/Activity_start/RootInDisc
They began uncovering a confusing variety of genetic deletions , some existing only in benign polyps , others in malignant cells and many in both polyps and malignant cells . /96/Seeking/RootInDisc sign /R-54^n/PAT-arg/nmod:for </s> <s> begin /83/Activity_start/RootInDisc they /R-46^n/ERR/nsubj </s><s> start /83/Activity_start/RootInDisc
They then began donating blood twice a week , receiving an EPO injection each time . /83/Activity_start/RootInDisc House /R-46^n/ERR/nsubj </s> <s> begin /83/Activity_start/RootInDisc they /R-46^n/ERR/nsubj </s><s> increase /3/Cause_change_of_position_on_a_scale/RootInDisc
Another reason for the weakness , he said , may be that mortgage rates have hit a plateau since they began edging down after a peak in March . /R-46^n/ACT-arg/nsubj relax /R-36^n/PAT-arg/xcomp </s> <s> begin /83/Process_start/RootInDisc they /R-46^n/ACT-arg/nsubj </s><s> start /83/Process_start/RootInDisc
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