lr,8-1-P06-2059,ak proposes a novel method of building <term> polarity-tagged corpus </term> from HTML documents . The characteristics
model,12-3-P06-2059,ak utilize certain layout structures and <term> linguistic pattern </term> . By using them , we can automatically
other,9-4-P06-2059,ak we can automatically extract such <term> sentences </term> that express <term> opinion </term> .
other,12-4-P06-2059,ak <term> sentences </term> that express <term> opinion </term> . In our experiment , the method
lr,9-5-P06-2059,ak experiment , the method could construct a <term> corpus </term> consisting of 126,610 <term> sentences
other,13-5-P06-2059,ak corpus </term> consisting of 126,610 <term> sentences </term> . This paper examines what kind of
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