other,16-1-C90-3045,ak challenge for the application of <term> TAGs </term> beyond the limited confines of <term>
other,5-2-C90-3045,ak language </term> . We present a variant of <term> TAGs </term> , called <term> synchronous TAGs </term>
other,15-2-C90-3045,ak characterize correspondences between <term> languages </term> . The <term> formalism 's </term> intended
other,8-3-C90-3045,ak </term> intended usage is to relate <term> expressions </term> of <term> natural languages </term>
other,15-3-C90-3045,ak languages </term> to their associated <term> semantics </term> represented in a <term> logical form
other,40-3-C90-3045,ak in summary , we intend it to allow <term> TAGs </term> to be used beyond their role in <term>
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