tool,8-2-C80-1039,bq In this paper , we report a system <term> FROFF </term> which can make a fair copy of not
other,3-3-C80-1039,bq indispensable to our papers . Its selection of <term> fonts </term> , specification of <term> character
other,7-3-C80-1039,bq <term> fonts </term> , specification of <term> character </term> size are dynamically changeable ,
other,15-3-C80-1039,bq are dynamically changeable , and the <term> typing location </term> can be also changed in lateral or
other,1-4-C80-1039,bq or longitudinal directions . Each <term> character </term> has its own width and a line length
other,17-4-C80-1039,bq length is counted by the sum of each <term> character </term> . By using commands or <term> rules
other,4-5-C80-1039,bq character </term> . By using commands or <term> rules </term> which are defined to facilitate the
other,17-5-C80-1039,bq construction of format expected or some <term> mathematical expressions </term> , elaborate and pretty documents
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