D14-1012 effectively incorporating the word embedding /embedding/NN features within the framework
C86-1088 for its DRS exists . Thus , the embedding /embedding/NN provides a truth-conditional
C86-1088 . The analysis is completed by embedding /embed/VBG the DRS representing the text
C80-1074 predicate function . Moreover , the embedding /embedding/NN operator is sometimes applied
C80-1029 market . The way in which this embedding /embedding/NN occurs is related to the level
D08-1086 investigated , and then a LVCSR system embedding /embed/VBG the presented analyzer is evaluated
C86-1088 satisfied . A text is true if a proper embedding /embedding/NN for its DRS exists . Thus , the
C90-3012 on various types of syntactic embedding /embedding/NN constructions in Germanic languages
C80-1074 Extract the variables J Is the embedding /embedding/NN operator applied te the predicate
C88-1033 reformulated as the problem of finding an embedding /embedding/NN function f from the representational
C86-1088 roughly speaking , that every proper embedding /embedding/NN for the antecedent sub-DRS can
C86-1088 who owns a book reads it . The embedding /embedding/NN rule for = > - conditions
C80-1074 elliptical operator . When the embedding /embedding/NN operator applies to the predicate
C86-1088 first-order model structure . A proper embedding /embedding/NN is a function from 1J / ~ to
C80-1009 construction capable of unlimited embedding /embedding/NN . The results of this treatment
D10-1116 thus maintaining a reasonable embedding /embedding/NN capacity . 1 Introduction Steganography
C00-1055 functions such as the level of embedding /embedding/NN , number of parentheses , and
C86-1008 axiomatic theory of dialogue , embedding /embed/VBG rhetorical patterns , focusing
C80-1074 of other predicate function by embedding /embed/VBG operator fIII . Connecting operator
C96-1045 indirectly in terms of a homomorphic embedding /embedding/NN into Quasi Logical Form ( QLF
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